Author, national speaker and trainer for Powerteam International, emcee, and sought out podcast host, Manny Patrick, was an entrepreneur and owner of three restaurants by the age of twenty-six. Success was short-lived, however, due to his party lifestyle. Alcoholism, drugs, and a gambling addiction held him closely in their grip for over a decade, growing up and living in Las Vegas. In November of 2015, at 29 years of age, Manny embraced a transformation that would change his life, forever. He traded his vices for a desire to become a better human being, a man that could tap into his true limitless potential. Now sober, Manny, a self-actualized man is called on to inspire others after overcoming the struggles of life. His book “loss VEGAS,” has received wonderful praise. Now, he travels the country empowering enterpreneurs to create even more success while helping small business owners, and entrepreneurs, increase their performance, consistently, under the mentorship of America’s top small business expert, Bill Walsh. He also emcee’s the habitudes conferences, hosted by America’s # 1 habits coach, Erik Swanson, and, his podcast, “A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick,” has featured wildly successful individuals, including, America’s #1 Habits Coach, Erik Mr. Awesome Swanson, MLB Network analyst, Eric Brynes, 28 time best-selling author, Greg Reid, NHL TV Broadcaster, Jamie Baker, and international nightlife mogul, Jesse Waits.

“Manny is a caring, compassionate young man that came into my life at the time I was choosing some changes, but didn’t know where to start. Manny suggested I get in touch with what makes me happy and what I would like to do. He taught me how to facilitate
positive, profound, and permanent changes in my life by doing what makes my heart sing. Manny’s gentle, but firm guidance to stay on track kept me true to the task at hand. I have completed shifted gears a few times and feel that this current project I am working on is in complete alignment with my inner soul. I am so grateful to Manny for being truly committed to ‘serving’ others and impacting their lives.”
Michelle Maloney, MindPT
“Each week I carve out 30 minutes for a high-intensity coaching session with Manny Patrick. Whether the time is spent refining my goals or reflecting on the previous week’s experiences, Manny provides a dependable sounding board and uncanny insight into lifestyle design. What began as a personal introduction to Manny, has morphed into a productive, and results driven coaching relationship, yielding measurable personal and professional gains.”
Collin Hart
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