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Chris McCoy: Chief Information Officer on Leadership in Higher Education

Being the chief information officer for any company is no simple leadership role..And taking a position at the University of Arkansas as the new CIO, with an IT department that is in need of a major overhaul, is exactly what my new friend and incredibly kind man, Chris McCoy did. Chris and I met while [...]

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Lisa Crisalle: On Nutrition and How it Affects Your Quality of Life

Happy post Thanksgiving weekend! It would only make sense that my latest awesome guest for this week is a nutrition expert.. And in no way shape or form am I saying not to indulge in some decadent leftovers (if they aren't already gone).. EAT UP! I hope you stuffed those hard-working, family loving, great spirit [...]

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Gratitude, My New Attitude

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I pulled the gratitude chapter right out of my own book (literally) to open up about the significance of being grateful and, how it can make the biggest difference if living a fulfilled life, not just during the holidays..but 365 days a year!               [...]

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Donna Curry: The Queen of Subway Built an Empire One Sandwich at a Time

Today I welcome a very exciting guest! The Queen of Subway, Donna Curry. A woman who has paved her own way and built an empire one sandwich at a time. Mmmmmm. We used one of our days to have lunch, talk about what the show would entail, and how personal growth is so important to [...]

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In Any Election, Choose Love Not Fear

For the last week I have been paying a lot of attention to human thought, turned human behavior, as a result of the election. While it's an obvious outcome of who won, I found it more fascinating to take a back seat during the roller coaster ride and simply observe the whirlwind of emotions following [...]

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Man with a Heart of Gold Says You Either Do It or You Don’t Do It

Nothing shocks me anymore and this post here falls under that idea.. when I say that one year ago to the date, Christopher Bache, a man with a heart of gold, brought my attention to quite a few ugly realities during an hour work meeting that would make me want to change my life around forever. [...]

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A Message to My Newly Sober Self, One Year Ago..

A message to Manny, Today you have made your declaration of independence from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and living like a worthless young man for the last decade. Yes, you have had some success in there, great. Use that to remind yourself you are capable. When you get out of bed today you are going to [...]

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Short Arm Guy Lives Happily Because He Knows He’s Not Perfect

I am always inspired by those who know they are not perfect and do more with less. OR DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.. Mostly because I used to complain about "things" I didn't have and certainly did not appreciate what god gave me in my body and my health. I recently met a man who blew [...]

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