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Jim Palmer: The Value and What it Takes to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs, today's guest is the ultimate person to help build your business dream. Searching for the right person to help you along the way on how to do it and where to start can be cumbersome. You're in luck! Jim Palmer is a marketing and small business expert. He is extremely knowledgeable on the all-around [...]

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Eric Byrnes: Showing True Authenticity

This gets better and better as each episode passes. My next guest is FIRE! His energy is intense. Eric Byrnes is a former MLB player and MLB Network analyst. He was a huge influence in my life when I met him about 12 years ago at Skyline College when Eric was playing professional baseball. Eric [...]

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Erik Swanson: Sharing His Journey to Coaching and How to Break Habits

I cannot be more excited to share today’s awesome guest with you! He is Erik “MR. AWESOME” Swanson, and he is making a difference in this world. Erik’s attitude and energy level is through the roof! Habits are everything. I met Erik last month at a seminar in Las Vegas. It was inspirational and moving…he [...]

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Joshua Brooks : On Connecting Your Heart and Mind After Life at War in the Middle East

Oh man! This is an inspirational war story if I've ever been introduced to one... Joshua served our beloved country in Iraq multiple times,  boots on the ground combat, bullets coming at him, bombs going off on the sides of him, missiles flying in his direction... I have a hard time describing the unimaginable, and [...]

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