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Kevin Knight: Transitioning from Corporate America and Creating Life Changing Freedom

This man right here defines creating life changing freedom by showing you the blueprint. Kevin Knight has an abundance of knowledge in stepping into the unknown and believing in himself to do things on his own. He is an author, speaker, and certified trainer and coach...basically absolutely AMAZING! He believed in himself in overcoming the [...]

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Greg Reid: Surround yourself with greatness and positive people

Who you surround yourself with is the reflection of who you are. Greg Reid said it perfectly. He is a well known author and speaker who is full of knowledge and is associated with the BEST group you could ever think of. Our interview was immersed with positivity and it brought me to reflect on [...]

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Elizabeth Stern: Living in the Moment and Creating a Legacy

It is an honor to have this beautiful guest on my show today. Elizabeth (Liz) Stern is one of the BEST people to have in your circle to get life going and flowing in a positive way. She will help you start your journey process to learn your own value with a legacy to live [...]

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