1711, 2017

Chris Widener: Unlearn the Learned and Get on the Path to Greatness

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Chris Widener: Unlearn the Learned and Get on the Path to Greatness Chris Widener’s life started out pretty good for the first 4 years, until his dad passed away at age 41. He was a [...]

911, 2017

Cy Waits: Nightlife Mogul, Turned Chief Experience Officer and His Journey of Success

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Cy Waits was named America's most eligible bachelor when he was 30 years old. Within the first couple of years of starting a business, they were doing about 40 million dollars with a 70 percent [...]

211, 2017

Liza Glucoft: Executive Producer Talks Awesomeness and Execution with Excellence

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Liza Glucoft is a Millennial digital strategist, producer, and director who’s been crafting digital content for nearly 10 years. She worked at both ‘Who What Wear’ and POPSUGAR, where she served as the head of [...]

2610, 2017

Jen Betts: On Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

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Tragedy struck Jen Betts, in the year 2000. As she was walking into a room, a playful environment, where somebody was swinging something around and she walked right into it, causing ocular damage to her [...]

1810, 2017

Maria Hunt: Unicornmoms Founder on Effective Parenting and Building a Community

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Maria Hunt, in her early twenties always had that entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to do something to help people. That's just been her nature as she’s loved working for people. She had been a horrible [...]

1210, 2017

Chef Charles Carroll: A Gold Medal Olympian Chef, Sharing His Recipe for Greatness

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This chef is different. He is not like the other chefs who can't get onto the stage and certainly, is not nervous to be in front of guests, in the dining room. Some may cook [...]

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