2906, 2017

Bob Burg: Coauthor of The Go-Giver on the Secret to Success, is Giving..

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About 15 months ago I walked into a local Barnes and Noble store here in Las Vegas, on my pursuit to find more, helpful, insight and, wisdom, on how to grip this idea of being [...]

2806, 2017

Ona Brown: Own Your Dreams and Attract Success

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    So there we were..I was emceeing and speaking at an event in Dallas, along with many other greats and thought leaders in their respective industries, when all of the buzz started to surface [...]

2804, 2017

A Casual Conversation with Jesse Ferrell

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This was a fun one! Just after wrapping up at the Habitude Warrior Conference a week ago, I was fortunate enough to pull Jesse Ferrell aside for a few minutes, and while we were sitting [...]

2804, 2017

Self Analysis From Think and Grow Rich

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What's shaking all of my dear friends and family?! With all of this traveling and the new journey with Powerteam International, I have been changing up the content on the show, to continue to bring [...]

2903, 2017

Stacy Tuschl: Is Your Business Worth Saving?

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Is your business worth saving? I'd have to say without a doubt, that the answer is a BIG FAT YES! This episode I had the pleasure of welcoming a badass entrepreneur, with tons of spunk [...]

1803, 2017

Alison Cardy: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career for Authentic Happiness

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Back at it!!! Phew that was a crazy fun couple of weeks traveling all over the country...and it hasn't stopped!! I am so happy to welcome guests back to the has been a bit [...]

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