After a life-changing moment in November of 2015, once upon a time party guy, Manny Patrick, made an absolute decision to change his life for the better. He started by taking advice of those people whom he knew were living the lives he dreamed of day in and day out. Manny looked around for support and tools that would help him change out his old behavioral patterns. He was very successful in doing so and came back with a force behind him stronger than ever. Manny built a new way of living, and in that, found joy in every moment. He now is a sought-after transformation coach, speaker, author, and podcast host.

In loss VEGAS, Manny shares his story, all of it, and opens up with full humiliation about a life he lived growing up in Las Vegas and carrying that life on through his twenties in the same town of temptation. He talks about teachings and processes in which he used for his complete turnaround, and how in doing so, found one of life’s key pillars, happiness.

A guide for personal growth, loss VEGAS offers up insight and inspiration you need to help you live a more fulfilling life. Manny uses each chapter as the foundation for creating a life where you not only are excited to wake up everyday to, but also want to go out and make a difference in other people’s lives. The practical information in this book proves, that if it worked for this directionless, procrastinating, 30 year old, then it can certainly work for you. Now is the time for you to go out and create the life you have always imagined.