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Peter Brandl: Crash Communication and Making Tough Decisions

Albert Einstein once said, 'It's never too late to have a happy childhood.' Peter Brandl (President of the German Speakers Association) like many other boys, had a childhood dream to drive Airplanes. But at 14, his dreams were shattered when a medical seminary said Peter Brandl cannot become a pilot because he wore glasses. But, [...]

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Kevin Hogan: On the Principles of Influence and Persuasion

Kevin Hogan: On the Principles of Influence and Persuasion It’s almost unbelievable… A few years back, Kevin Hogan (International speaker, Influence and Persuasion expert) got a telephone call from a government agency in Poland. They told him how Kevin Hogan was good at making companies make money and all, but they have a growing problem [...]

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Mike Domitrz: Keys to Healthy Dating, Sexual Maturity, and the Culture of Consent and Respect

Mike Domitrz was very determined he was going to be on broadway, was going to be in movies, going to be an actor. He graduated high school, went to Chicago, did college, and studied theatre. Until one day while in college, he learnt from his Mom that his sister was sexually assaulted. The incident changed [...]

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Regan Ann Hillyer: Creating the Time, Money and, Freedom You Desire

She spent half a million dollars just on education to follow her NEW vision of career and life. Because, after years of schooling, college and, university, she one day visualized her education and the system she grew up with, was not taking her in the direction she wanted her life to be going in. Regan [...]

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John David Mann: Total Focus, A Go-Giver at Heart and, Journey to 2 Million Books Sold

Do you realize..? You were put here on this planet for a unique and singular reason, to fulfill a function that no other human being could. That’s why your fingerprints; your DNA’s are all different. It’s not a mistake, not an accident; you’re the only one of the kind that you are, and you don’t [...]

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The Lost Art of Closing and Psychology of Selling : Anthony Iannarino

Most people have a fear of selling! Are you one of them? According to Anthony Iannarino, Selling is a philosophy more than anything. You need a combination of mindset and skill sets. It starts with self discipline, optimism, and caring about other people and having a sense of competitiveness. It’s all a process. Anthony grew [...]

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Adam Markel: Pivot, The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life

Do you really love your present job or career? Statistics reveal more than 78% of people are not in their ideal career or job, more than 50% are ‘aspirational’ for entrepreneurship, 50% plus are looking for new job, and basically, they hate their jobs. Adam Markel spent 18 years as a full time lawyer but [...]

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Chris Savage: Wistia Co-Founder on Building a Global Brand Through the Power of Video

Incredibly PUMPED UP about today’s guest and, gentleman, Chris Savage who joins the, A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, who I met back in April, in Boston, Cambridge to be exact during a local entrepreneur night. He's the Co-founder and CEO of Wistia, an incredible online video posting platform that now has hosted [...]

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Victor Antonio: From the Hood to the Good, in Global Sales Mastery

I am so energized and fired up of the gentleman I have on the show today!! When I finally met him in person, I said, “shit he’s a really tall dude!” But as it turns out, he is one of most authentic and incredible human beings, I’ve ever met. He comes from a pure place [...]

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Alec Stern: Constant Contact Co-Founder on the Early Days, Lessons Learned and his Pillars to Achieving SMB Success

Alec Stern, an absolute stellar human being, whom I met back in Las Vegas as a random in December of 2016... an ingenious business man, but also, a generous man of contribution, overall. Alec was very receptive, engaged as I approached him off the cuff, and since then, also, I watched closely as he was [...]

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