Do you really love your present job or career?

Statistics reveal more than 78% of people are not in their ideal career or job, more than 50% are ‘aspirational’ for entrepreneurship, 50% plus are looking for new job, and basically, they hate their jobs.

Adam Markel spent 18 years as a full time lawyer but 5 to 6 years into it, he noticed it was all anxiousness, dread, anger, and difficulty sleeping at night. After all those years, he now teaches pivoting, reinventing, changing, and helping people transition in their personal and professional lives.

He is one incredible human being who has not only made a massive impact in my own life but, also in the lives of millions of people over the last several years to fulfill a grandiose mission, and for this episode, Adam joins the, A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Who is Adam Markel and the evolution of his life to where he is today, how he started, the ups and downs, the goods, the bads and the uglies.
  • Symptoms of where a change (Pivot) is needed in one’s life
  • Do you have to hit a rock bottom point in life first before you realize it’s time for a pivot
  • A great way to transform the fear we have into the faith which could be a vehicle to push somebody forward
  • A great way for somebody to start to know themselves and remove self imposed boundaries that are putting them into fear based thinking.
  • 3 steps to wake up every morning
  • Strategy to get back when something wrong happens that takes you off course
  • Message of inspiration for listeners



 About the Guest:

Adam Markel is a transformational teacher who inspires, empowers and guides people to live authentically, purposefully and, powerfully from their hearts. Through his Pivot based teaching principle, and book.. Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing your career and life, he’s trained thousands of people from Singapore, Europe, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and all across the United States. Adam uniquely bridges the worlds of business, psychology and spirituality, to facilitate MASSIVE and LASTING personal and professional transformation.

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