Alec Stern, an absolute stellar human being, whom I met back in Las Vegas as a random in December of 2016… an ingenious business man, but also, a generous man of contribution, overall.

Alec was very receptive, engaged as I approached him off the cuff, and since then, also, I watched closely as he was on a new business journey…

We now share many stages together, have spent a lot of quality time together, and are on a similar mission to empower as many entrepreneurs as humanly possible..

In the interview, Alec talks about how he was an Entrepreneur since age 12 or 13 and Entrepreneurship was in his DNA. Alec discusses 2 important challenges he faced very early on and how, his team, did not have the important things that were needed for any business. But they had the needed passion and desire!

Alec’s company went public in 2007 and in 2016 he sold it for 1.1 billion dollars.

Now, Alec is over committing himself, doing incredible things for Entrepreneurs and small business owners and not asking for anything in return. He takes his gifts and talents into changing and impacting as many lives as possible, and extended himself especially into the youth community.

Take a listen to his story here!




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Alec Stern, Co-founder of Constant Contact, joins the, A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, to discuss his journey in build a billion dollar company.

He’s a seasoned senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in management, strategy, business development, marketing, channel, and software and technology sales. Alec is a Primary member of Constant Contact’s founding team and was with the company since 1997.

Currently he’s serving on numerous executive and advisory boards for a range of nonprofits. He’s instrumental in assisting these nonprofits in many marketing, planning, event, and fundraising activities, including the execution of their email marketing strategies.

As member of Constant Contact’s founding team, Alec learned invaluable lessons as he helped the company through its initial building stages, go-to-market and growth.  Having also worked with thousands of new and growing small businesses along the way, Alec has distilled some of his knowledge and experience into his “Pillars for Achieving Small Business Success,” a strategy that will help any business gain perspective and learn effective tactics that can be put into practice both quickly and easily. It will also help businesses think about different ways they can gain additional exposure, deepen their current customer relationships and create new ones.

He is currently the co-founder of the recently launched Handy Cane (, an award winning, patent pending all-in-one walking cane and reaching grabber. Concurrently, Alec is co-founder of Most Corp., which designs, manufactures and delivers patented consumer products, precision motion products and medical devices.



In This Episode You Will Learn:

Where Alec’s journey began and why he started it out that way?

Are Entrepreneurs born or can they be built and developed over time?

The Strategy for taking a greatest idea or imagination into an executable plan in order to deliver something.

A piece of advice to Entrepreneurs or business owners that are exposed to distractions and haven’t discovered one great thing they really need to focus on.

How Alec attracted the right people and right team and how he empowered them.

What was the single biggest lesson he learnt in the whole process in building and development of Constant Contact.

The 3 step strategy for certain Entrepreneurs that are limited by a cap to make a breakthrough.

What’s the best part of his life?




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