Brandon Webb was a 12-year kid when he started learning how to Scuba dive. Brandon had an alternative childhood as he grew up living on a boat at a harbor during that time while his parents wanted to sail around the world with the family, living that cruising lifestyle. And from that, his father bought a 47-foot boat for the same purpose.

Brandon’s life had been adventurous all through. One night at age 13, he had to go down into a shark infested water, to get the anchor of his ships unstuck from a rock. Sea lions were flying by as he swam down to the anchor with a flashlight his hand and the experience, an amazing one, certainly boosted his confidence at such a young age.

At 15, Brandon was making $150 a day, doing miscellaneous jobs in the harbor, when at the same time his father wanted to sail to Australia, ye, for some reason, the trip somehow appeared crazy to Brandon and from there he and his pops got into a large argument.

Why is this important?

16-year-old Brandon packed his bag and off he went, away from home thinking he had the answers to all the world’s problems.

Not quite yet

Brandon entered the Navy, became a Navy Seal, and was deployed to the Middle Eastern countries and went on to become a Sniper and a trainer, who began to implement technology and advanced training methodology used by performance coaches who trained Olympic champions.

Post-retirement, Brandon put all his life savings into a business from which he had to walk away empty-handed; his wife divorced him when he needed her most.

Brandon started all over, putting together all his experiences.

And now he’s now running an 8-Figure business.

Listen up as Brandon reveals all his life’s adventure, drama, and action with Manny Patrick on the ‘A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick‘ show.

In this episode, you’ll learn

Brandon’s alternative childhood, his adventures in the sea water

His departure from home at age 16

The grips of bad addictions on his friends and the lessons he learnt

His entry into the Navy and his training as a Navy Seal

His deployment into Middle Eastern countries and the adventures therein

Advanced Sniper training he went through and his promotion as a trainer

Modernizing the military with technology; implementing Olympic style training both physically and mentally

His humbling experience, where he lost all his life savings and friends’ money in a business adventure

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