Brian Wright…during high school one of his  teachers, who is also a speech coach, encouraged him to go out for speech events, but the idea of speaking in front of an audience terrified him. He got involved in a radio event all because he doesn’t have to face an audience. He did really well in the event and from there went on to the district, and state levels. Awesome!

Brian’s by-birth Radio voice, makes him a number one choice to be on the radio.

But, he did his part of the hard work.

When a lot of people took to scuba diving and all kinds of the fun stuff, Brian purposely sought out to do activities that he thought could improve his career.

He ended up teaching Speech and English Composition as well as Business Math in a 2-year business college environment, then he had to make his job fun, because a lot of the students didn’t want to be in those classes.

Today, Brian runs his own radio network ‘Success Profiles Radio’ which he started in the year 2012 interviewing all these amazing personalities like Kevin Harrington, Erik Swanson, Greg Reid, Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, Tom Ziglar and many more.  

Brian strictly believes and lives what Evander Holyfield said during one of his interviews, ‘You have to have higher standards than everyone else around you’

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How did Brian’s journey start, where did it all come from and what was the process in between for Brian to land up to where he is today
  • What could somebody do to get over FEAR when they’re speaking in front of a group or in an interview on a radio
  • How do you continue to develop your skills even if you’re already a subject matter expert and want to  get better
  • What’s the best thing that Brian learned about himself since he started his radio show in 2012
  • What’s the process to muster up the courage to get out of your comfort zone and to set the new high standard for yourself
  • What is a standard connection process to connect and converse with an Influencer
  • What is a perfect pitch to connect and converse with an Influencer
  • How can someone without any connections, or audience get started to connect with these Influencers
  • What is the best investment that Brian ever made into somebody else during his journey
  • What is Brian’s motivation to be successful, what drives his engine every day
  • What’s the next big thing for Brian after capitalizing on all these great interviews and being in the presence of great thought leaders
  • A story about a guest or a lesson that can really wrap the idea of storytelling
  • One message of inspiration for the listeners to take home


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Brian’s new book coming out with Morgan James publishing called ‘Conversations with High Achievers’ which contains 11 of his best interviews

Brian’s new Launch: Success Profiles Magazine

Napoleon Hills’ Book: Think and Grow Rich mentioned in the show by Brian

Darren Hardy’s Book: Entrepreneur a Roller Coaster mentioned in the show by Brian

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