This was a fun one!

Just after wrapping up at the Habitude Warrior Conference a week ago, I was fortunate enough to pull Jesse Ferrell aside for a few minutes, and while we were sitting there thinking quickly of the flow for this podcast, he pointed out that we just need to mic ourselves up, because the conversation we were having is what is included in the audio below.

Jesse has a rock star message, and luckily for me, I was able to introduce and interview him briefly on stage as well, a couple of days prior.

Thank you to Erik Swanson and the Habitude Warrior family for making this all come together and humm the way that it did. There was no shortage of great minds and brilliant content reaching and influencing the lives of many.

Ok, back to Jesse now, he really is a big ball of solid energy that is beyond committed to helping shape the lives of those he encounters. And what makes his business unique is this, his wife, Lisa is right there by his side helping him build and grow every step of the way, I am fascinated with their capacity to make a personal and professional life work amidst all the service to others. As Jesse says..”she is my everything..”

Take a listen to our fun, post conference, casual conversation below..


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Jesse Ferrell graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Hotel Administration, and, then went on to Work in the hospitality and gaming industry for over 36 years as an executive director. He is the author the book, “How You Leave Them Feeling.” And host of the popular las vegas radio program let’s jesstalk. Now, the Founder of JessTalk Speaking & Coaching Firm for 16 plus years, he travels the world as an International Speaker, and Master Executive Coach




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