Cy Waits was named America’s most eligible bachelor when he was 30 years old.

Within the first couple of years of starting a business, they were doing about 40 million dollars with a 70 percent profit margin. They had colleges, and business leadership classes, interviewing them, media all over them. They were on lots of covers of magazines.

Is he from a Royal background? Did all this come as a family heritage? Did they hit a lottery in the casinos of Las Vegas?

On the contrary, their beginnings were actually humble.

Cy and his brother come from a broken family. They lost their mother at a young age of 13. They were working at gas stations, in the nursery, at the lake, and all these random places to have something to eat and for a place to sleep.

Wanting to get out of the small town mentality, they moved out to Las Vegas.

Cy started off as a security and within 3 years going through all the ranks of lead and the supervisor, he landed up in a place where he became the General Manager by the age of 26. The youngest General Manager in Vegas.

He’s actually in the kind of business where you make one mistake and, it can be all snatched away from you literally in seconds.

Listen on to his story as he unveils his roller-coaster journey with sheer hard work. He even goes into his personal life of dating with a famous personality, and the regular fist fights with his brother, Jesse.

In this Episode you will learn:

  • Cy Wait’s journey; where he started, what it took for him to constantly, consistently and persistently develop his way to get to his position today
  • How to have that love and care for a sibling and also build out successful businesses and maintain that with full character and integrity without losing brotherly love and family orientation, because some people can’t even manage a regular brother or sisterhood
  • What was the biggest lesson Cy learned about himself going through setbacks or disappointments as an entrepreneur even on a personal level
  • How did Cy remain trustful to himself being in such an untrustworthy environment
  • What is it about Fame that most people that attain it cannot handle it? Why people with that lifestyle see their own demise or self-destruct as a result
  • Who’s been the biggest influence in Cy’s personal and professional life in his journey

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