Dave Murray: On the Importance of Customer Service in Any Organization

//Dave Murray: On the Importance of Customer Service in Any Organization

Dave Murray: On the Importance of Customer Service in Any Organization

This customer service rock star was such a treat to have on the show! Our interview was quick because Dave was on his way out to change lives! I am thankful for him taking the time to this this for all of you!

He comes from a professional sports background in the area of customer service, working with two, very notable organizations.

The Cleveland Indians ( who were fresh off of great season that nearly brought them a championship) and the Boston Bruins.

20 plus years in the field has led this genuine human being to a company that he seems to fit right in with.

The DiJulius Group.

He loves his boss

He loves the people he works alongside

And, he loves the customers he gets to work with and help tighten up the customer service for.

And big companies too! These aren’t your just starting off small businesses.

Tune in here to take a listen and hear Dave’s full message on what it takes to make an organization, customer service driven.

I hope you ENJOY EPISODE #17!


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Episode 17: Dave Murray: On the Importance of Customer Service in Any Organization


Dave Murray, customer service expert with The DiJulius Group, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, to discuss his journey of 20 plus years in customer service. How can you make a difference? Dave says, “it all starts at the top, who the leader is.” He talks about being prepared for any big speaking engagement, whether he is doing a keynote or a facilitation. Culture, communications, and operations, are all discussed over the course of this interview, as well. I enjoy listening to Dave break down his process. The process is everything and, who you become in the process trumps any end goal. And next, Dave brings up the confidence factor and makes it clear that if you don’t know your content, you will have a difficult time executing your delivery. What a great interview. There is great insight here on the customer service side of things for any business, or person, who wants to develop their skill set and reach the next level. Plus, he opens up about the importance of feedback- no matter how tough it may be to hear. However; Dave says, “it’s where you improve and learn.” Tune in for the full message!


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


– What professional sports organization Dave worked with

– What Dave enjoyed about his position with this organization

– What made him want to get into customer service

– What college he went to

– Why he decided to take a role with The Dijulius Group

– What he loves about the work he does now

– What the biggest challenge is in consulting with large companies

– How he approaches a new client’s business

– How they get their information to stick in the mind

– How they facilitate their workshops

– What advice Dave gives to customer service reps

– Dave’s thoughts on service in any industry

– What kind of speaking engagements Dave does

– What brings Dave fulfillment





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