Today I welcome a very exciting guest! The Queen of Subway, Donna Curry. A woman who has paved her own way and built an empire one sandwich at a time. Mmmmmm.

We used one of our days to have lunch, talk about what the show would entail, and how personal growth is so important to her on this journey of hers.

We connected and had plenty of good conversation about what is next in her life. She owns 65 stores here in the Las Vegas area and now wants to turn the corner and start down a path of public speaking and giving back to help others succeed and reach their goals! Her story is amazing. It’s a great one at that, I cannot wait to see her thrive in this area as well.

Donna grew up in a family of six in the small town of Newark, Ohio where her father and mother worked in government agencies. She admits that she was very goal oriented and driven early on, intagibles that have helped her achieve great success, today

She says her first business was a lemonade stand on the golf course and that her dad said one of his great memories was looking out the window and watching Donna make change for the president of Park National Bank.

Even then she had a desire to earn money.

Her grandparents owned a women’s hair salon and barber shop so at a young age she was exposed to business when not attending school. She loved it and this instilled her work ethic that would carry on through all of her endeavors.


Take a listen to Episode #12 here! Enjoy!







Episode 12: Donna Curry: The Queen of Subway


Donna Curry, the queen of Subway joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss her journey as the leading lady of Subway. She is the Subway Development Agent for the Nevada counties of Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln & Nye as well as the largest Franchise Owner. Donna opened the first Subway restaurant in the Las Vegas market in 1983. Her role as Development Agent encompasses identifying new locations, negotiating leases, overseeing construction of new stores and remodels, assisting franchisees with their ongoing operations and insuring that all stores adhere to the Subway brand standards. Donna currently owns and operates sixty-five Subway restaurants as well as overseeing the development of one hundred seventy-five stores and counting. She is active in the day-to-day operations of her businesses that employ over seven hundred individuals.

For anyone interested in learning how to grow a business over the course of thirty years. The ups, the downs, and how to deal with the constantly changing environment. It’s about learning as your grow. This entrepreneur has amassed an empire by always looking for ways to get better, using a proven system, and multiplying it. For her personal development is instrumental in her success and shows no signs of her slowing down.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-What made Donna want to get into the food business

-What job she had early on in Las Vegas

-How many Subway stores there were when she got into the businesses

-What gave Donna her internal drive

-What business her family was in while she was young

-What her fisrt business was

-How she approached her goals

-How manifesting has impacted her life

-What she suggests for personal growth

-What she is proud of

-Why she chose the route she did

-What were some of the early challenges with Subway






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