It is an honor to have this beautiful guest on my show today. Elizabeth (Liz) Stern is one of the BEST people to have in your circle to get life going and flowing in a positive way. She will help you start your journey process to learn your own value with a legacy to live in the moment.

Plenty of people have trouble living in the moment, enjoying what they currently have and appreciating it for all that it is. Elizabeth knows exactly how and what to do. I met her in Las Vegas a couple months ago and had an instant connection with her. I truly felt like we were linked with one another. It was a passionate conversation.

Elizabeth brings out positivity in life and has been helping people all over the world to change their own lives. She is the sounding board to fulfillment and showing people who they are and what’s important. In our busy day to day lives, people tend to get distracted and stuck on their routines of work, but not realizing the purity of leaving a legacy.

Talking to Elizabeth and having her share her knowledge of how she moves through client challenges and legacies is remarkable. Don’t be afraid of getting out of your own comfort zone and attempting to connect with strangers in any given opportunity. It’s a simple thing to do. I would highly urge you to do the same!

Let’s be remembered, take a listen to episode #23 below!

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Episode 23: Elizabeth Stern: Living in the Moment and Creating a Legacy

Liz Stern is a Global Legacy Advisor, Coach, Speaker and founder of Global Giving Advisors, a legacy development and philanthropic consulting firm. She has provided advisory and coaching services and seminars to individuals, families, foundations and corporations since 2007 using the tools she has developed in her travels to over 90 countries.

Her seminars are interactive, always engaging and thought provoking. She shares ‘learning points’ to ensure audiences obtain real value from and can take away content in the most personally beneficial way. Liz guides her clients to develop their legacy plan to live even more fulfilling and abundant lives, address the economic, social and humanitarian challenges we face today and drive social impact and global change. Liz also shares practical insights into understanding that legacy is about how you live your life today, how you will be remembered and that your life mattered.

Liz’s knowledge in the area of legacy development comes from her experience working with her diverse clients. She has helped her clients fulfil their potential and has facilitated over $ 90 million dollars in contributions to humanitarian and education programs globally.

Liz serves as the Advisory Board Chair of the Arnhold Institute for Global Health at Mount Sinai, Advisory Board member of the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation, Senior Advisor of the Wealth and Giving Forum and Vice President of Kageno Worldwide. She has embarked on various humanitarian missions with the Arnhold Institute for Global Health, Partners in Health and Kageno Worldwide in various locations in Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas.

Liz was previously an investment banker and has advised companies on business strategy and financial management. She received her B.A. from Pomona College and her MBA degree from the Anderson School at UCLA. In addition to being an avid traveler, Liz is a history and culture buff, art lover and runner. She resides in New York City with her two daughters.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:


– How you start a legacy

– Where you begin to create a legacy

– Why people put it off when it’s too late

– How someone heals ruptured relationships

– How much time it takes to heal an issue

– Her internal battles

– Her definition of fulfillment

– What her top 3 beliefs are

– Why connecting with someone is important

– What she does to find inner happiness





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