This gets better and better as each episode passes.

My next guest is FIRE! His energy is intense.

Eric Byrnes is a former MLB player and MLB Network analyst. He was a huge influence in my life when I met him about 12 years ago at Skyline College when Eric was playing professional baseball.

Eric is an open book living his true authentic self. He had a vision growing up and was very determined in life. He didn’t let anyone or anything get in the way.

Eric’s vision is incredible. He’s a positive example in life and a true iron-man. Sitting down and learning about his journey of authenticity was motivational.


Catch a listen to episode #21 below.

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Episode 21: Eric Byrnes Showing True Authenticity





In This Episode You Will Learn About:


– Who Eric truly is

– Where it all began

– When he discovered what he wanted to do

– What his biggest lesson was playing professional baseball

– What his mental routine was before a game

– His biggest internal difficulty that he has faced

– What his one message of inspiration is



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