WOW,  you’re in for a treat today! One executive one focus..Being the best!


For this interview I got to sit with the Vice President of the Foundation Room for North America. Something he said during our conversation that stood out to me. “There is nothing holding you back.”


Oh man.. Is he ever right! If you want it bad enough, you can get it. Will you do the work to get there?


Victor Sutter defines what having a great work ethic can reward you. He likes to credit the people that he has around him for his success as he knows that it could never be done without the support of his team.


I am inspired by the journey that this man has been on, and still, at a very young age, as an executive for a worldwide brand, I know he has even better things to come!


We recorded the audio and you can take a listen here!





EPISODE 2: Taking Pride In Delivering Results


Victor Sutter, Vice President of the Foundation Room for North America with venue across the country, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss how in an industry of think skin, there is nothing holding you back from being the best. Victor Sutter talks about how Failure for him was a necessity for growth and how he could not be in the position he is in today without the right people in place. The concepts he talks about are universal and can help trigger some bright ideas of your own.

For anyone that has ever thought about what it takes to climb the corporate ladder, or run an iconic brand, pay close attention to what got this, still young, and very accomplished man the title of Vice President. The information can help you get motivated to take some action.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-Victor Sutter’s journey in life

-What Victor Sutter enjoys in the hospitality industry

-What Victor Sutter liked about working for luxury brands early on like Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton

-What Victor Sutter thinks about his competitiveness

-Victor Sutter’s transition from Hotels to Entertainment

-What position Victor Sutter assumed in his first role with Nikki Beach

-How Victor Sutter Sutter rapidly advances in his professional life

-Victor Sutter’s approach on failure

-How Victor Sutter handles work-life balance

-What Victor Sutter does for fun



Watch Victor Sutter answer my three secret questions here





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