Hello everyone! Today I welcome my first female guest, Founder and CEO of Managed Sales ProsCarrie Simpson! Sometimes in life you come across

people at random times and have the great fortune of getting to know them by spending a good deal a day together discussing



Carrie talks about life growing up as a party girl and a heavy drinker that gave her no clear direction. However, there was a

turning point and when that time came she decided life was now going to be lived on her terms.


I am very proud of her transformation years ago that has provided her the structure of life that guided her up to this point



Now running a multi-million dollar business she discusses the journey here on Episode #5.


Please Enjoy!



Episode 7: Getting Punched In The Face Sucks


Carrie Simpson, Founder and CEO of Managed Sales Pros and Everywhere Managed with operating businesses’ in Canada and the U.S., joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss how even though she thought she wasn’t given the right book on how to live life, she found joy in talking to people. Early on following through was hard, but after discovering herself, she didn’t quit when things got tough. She changed her mindset and with a telephone only, started her business, and now generates millions of dollars in revenue.


For anyone interested in learning that no matter what is holding you down, because we all have something, that there is always a way out. You can always emerge and come out on top like this woman has done after a decade of not being too sure what her path would be. Find yourself and live the life you deserve.



In This Episode You Will Learn About:



-Carrie’s young vice’s

-Why she balked at an opportunity to move to England

-Why she started a businesses

-What she feels she is really good at

-Why she couldn’t be the best her during her twenties

-What program helped turn her life around

-How she ended up an entrepreneur

-Why she moved to Thailand

-How her two businesses work

-Why she values her employees

-Why she turned down an offer to sell her businesses











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