Tragedy struck Jen Betts, in the year 2000.

As she was walking into a room, a playful environment, where somebody was swinging something around and she walked right into it, causing ocular damage to her left eye, and leaving her blind in one eye.

Now, after the tragedy, she’s left with only a couple of options; just sit down and be depressed, or get up and keep going. Courageously, she chose to keep going, keep pushing, and be more positive, in spite of the setback.

Fast forward to, today. Jen Betts now runs a Public Relations company called Innovative PR and her specialty or area of interest is Entertainment Strategy.

Now, this is where things get interesting.

Her educational background came from nursing which is super different from PR. She’s done her Bachelors, Masters in Nursing and thereafter, her specialty and Family Practice all related to the medical field. More so, she’s born and raised in a family, that has only dealt with medicine and nursing throughout her lifetime.

Innovative PR specializes in social and digital media with marketing and content creation capabilities. Their clientele ranges across various industries, including entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, nonprofits, corporations, content creators and digital influencers.

Now, how did Jen get into PR the world? How was she able to make the Pivot and become super successful?

When asked about what it took her to get to where she is today, she simply answers, ‘There’s just a lot of no sleep’

Listen to her interesting story and mind opening insights. Click below.

In this show you will learn:

  • What was the process for Jen Betts from start off, to her current position of being the president of her firm in the public relations industry
  • How did Jen realize it was the right time to make a pivot and go start an own company, what were those decisions like and what she learnt about herself in those decisions
  • The specific skills set that Jen learned as a nurse that she was able to take into the PR world and using them effectively to date
  • Challenges Jen faced in bringing top characteristics from a very service minded, medical, taking care of people, nursing background into Hollywood where there are people that are trying to do things for their own best interests and they’re very selfish and it’s all about me. How is she able to maintain a level of authenticity in the process
  • What is most important to Jen in the midst of all the opportunity to accomplish the next thing or to get to the next level, while still standing for integrity
  • What Jen does actively and regularly to make sure she’s at the top of the list
  • What does it take to turn a tragedy into triumph? What could be the process to help somebody overcome tragedy and become triumphant in their life?
  • What keeps people from asking for help
  • What you do to build and sustain a high quality relationship with people so that they do care about you and want to be around you so they don’t think you’re just there to take from them
  • How would you increase your personal and professional value in life and business so that you can become more of an asset or ally to somebody else’s life or a business
  • What would a small business owner without the money or budget do, because of their  love to do some Public Relations
  • One message of Inspiration to the listener



What has got me here, there’s just a lot of no sleep

I made the decision of starting an own company after being loyal to a group of people in my industry for a certain amount of time

People are so scared about asking for help and they’re so prideful

Everybody needs to use toughest times in their life to persevere in business and take our personal challenges and conquer business in a proper and positive and courteous way

Anybody who’s going through a dark time, to become triumphant; you need your time to work through the phases of crisis

It’s really important for people to take the time to get to know people and then understand how that relationship can flourish for business

It’s not about what others can do for you; it’s about that you’re interested in them because of their talent

In life, it’s so much easier to be negative and not to be positive. It takes time and will to be positive

Drive is that want, that desire, that want to do it, the hard part to try and find within your soul


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