Jesse Waits: Nightlife Mogul Says Happiness is Everything

//Jesse Waits: Nightlife Mogul Says Happiness is Everything

Jesse Waits: Nightlife Mogul Says Happiness is Everything

Today, I am so pumped about my guest!

If you are from the Las Vegas area, or have visited the city for any reason, then there is a great chance you have stepped foot in THE greatest nightclubs of all time.

Maybe your intention was not to have a great night out on the town but, because the buzz was stratospheric about these venues, you could not resist..

I get it.

Something along the lines of..

“Must see”


“Best nightclub in the world”


“Night pool party”

And you would be describing, arguably, the two most amazing nightlife experiences on earth..XS and the once upon a time TRYST Nightclub, along with Drais Hollywood and, Afterhours, centered on the Las Vegas Strip.

But hold on, before you go down memory lane and think of how great of a time you had at any of these epic clubs, I would like to give one man the recognition he deserves.

For being a driving force of many, life changing experiences and, doing it with love.

Jesse Waits has been on a journey since his arrival here in Las Vegas, nearly two decades ago..

What I love, is that he opens up and talks about how he had to work hard for everything he earned.

Starting at 21 years of age and succeeding through the ranks to become a wildly successful nightclub owner by the age of 28..


If that doesn’t fire you up, then maybe this will.

Despite all of the great things that have made their way into Jesse’s life as a result of becoming a worldwide authority, he continues to foster and maintain, the best relationships from the ground up.

Jesse is looked up to..


and appreciated, on so many levels.

And speaking for myself, I can honestly say that, I consider this man one huge ball of inspiration for me and I’m sure many others will share the same feelings after listening to his message here on Episode #16.



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Episode 16: Jesse Waits: Nightlife Mogul Says Happiness is Everything


Jesse Waits, nightlife mogul and American entrepreneur of 10 plus years, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, to discuss his journey of coming east to the west coast, from the islands of Hawaii and then settling in Las Vegas. Jesse’s story invites us in on his personal life and what makes him such a pleasure to be around. Once partnered in, by far, the most successful nightclubs in the world, Jesse always stayed true to his character, and now, he’s challenging himself at the corporate level, because he wanted more for himself. As Jesse settles into his new role and oversees Alon’s full social experience, he graciously shared his story of coming up as an introverted kid, then man, but, even though that was the case, knew that hard work and staying humble are the keys to surviving as a worldwide dignitary.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


Jesse’s early journey

What makes Jesse so driven

-Why he wanted to be looked at in a positive way

-Who was a big influence in his life

-How he feels about love

-Why he enjoys people

-What he is sensitive to

-What Jesse has learned in nightlife and in Las Vegas

-How Jesse stays so humble

-What kind of person he wants to be

-How he feels about self-confidence

-What lifestyle changes Jesse made

-Why he took a gamble on the DJ’s in Las Vegas

-What Jesse learned from Steve Wynn

-A few things people might not know of him

-What helped him deal with being an introvert






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