The Go-Giver book, 10 years after its publication, has just won the 2017 Living Now Evergreen Medal. It’s a medal given out to books that have stood the test of time for their contribution to positive global change.

Its author John David Mann, New York Times bestselling author has now teamed with a very famous chef, Charles Carroll who does 80 to 100 food functions a week. Charles even represented the United States, in the World Culinary Olympics and won some gold medals.

Together the duo set out to write a parable, to help people understand how to create success through parallels with making food. YUM!

Their idea of readership for the book is people who love both personal growth and food, winner on both sides.

It’s a story with a central character, a troubled angry young boy and that crusty old enigmatic chef. An excerpt,

“Always be hungry, Owen,” the Chef said softly. “Don’t ever let life just wash over you. Savor it—every smell, every taste, every sound. That’s Rule One, Owen: Taste everything.” 


In this episode you will learn:

How John David Mann narrows down on options and qualifies, to help write books when he gets these interesting stories from different people

Is it automatic for publishers to accept your book proposal, if you’re a well known, New York Times bestselling author?

The ingredients somebody would be able to pull out of this new book from John David titled ‘Recipe for life’

John’s perspective of the difference between excellence and greatness, and what does it take to have both

Where does one really discover how to achieve excellence

Why is the recipe for success and/or greatness so intimidating for people

How self-doubt and self-critique, are keeping a ton of could-have great businesses from ever getting off the ground

Positive effects of passion

What does it take to have a long-term mental diet plan that can effectively support a physical diet plan: Their importance

Life-changing nugget or piece of information from the new book, ‘Recipe for life’

Resources:  (For pre-order and bonus offer)

John David’s earlier interesting 

John David Mann: Total Focus, A Go-Giver at Heart and, Journey to 2 Million Books Sold

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