Oh man! This is an inspirational war story if I’ve ever been introduced to one…

Joshua served our beloved country in Iraq multiple times,  boots on the ground combat, bullets coming at him, bombs going off on the sides of him, missiles flying in his direction…

I have a hard time describing the unimaginable, and this is that case..

But what I do know, is that my dear friend told me “YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS GUYS STORY..” (talking of First Sergeant Brooks) or Josh.

And after Josh and I got on the phone for the first time, the details of his experience fighting at war literally stunned me.

I had to get him on the show and have him share his daring story. A story that most people who did what he did in combat, don’t return home to tell..

Catastrophic loss of life in many cases..

Josh suffered his own mental traumas as well, but has been on a relentless pursuit to find his soul, spirit, and come out of the fog of the hard to escape realities of war.

He dives deep into what life was like for him during this time..

But what I love most of all is, now, Josh, has tapped into a passion of his that he has a mission for. And that mission is to help children through his experience with being at war.

And I must say, THIS MAN IS TALENTED WITH HIS ART.. I praised him and told him that if he doesn’t keep chasing him dream and using his creative gift, that I would come out to the jungles of Costa Rica and check him a couple times..





He’s a sweet man, dad to five, family man, strong man, and a true story of inspiration…

Take a listen to his message on episode #19 below!



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Episode 19: Joshua Brooks : On Connecting Your Heart and Mind After Life at War in the Middle East


Joshua Brooks, medically retired from the United States Army as First Sergeant Brooks joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss life at war and then, life after. A proud father of five; Trystan, Madison, Daniella, Christian, and Joshua Junior, josh now makes his home in the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica. In February 2000, he left for basic training. Then he joined the United States Army as a 13F, Forward Observer. He talks about his job going anywhere on the front line, where infantry goes or beyond into or behind enemy lines and call for air support or artillery. Josh quickly made the rank of E-8, First Sergeant, in just ten years. This means he was selected by the Department of Army, part of Congress, two times for excellent service and dedication to duty. As he tells me, normally, soldiers don’t make this rank until closer to twenty years. To make this rank in just ten years put Josh in the very top one percent of performers. On top of this, Josh deployed for a total of over three years to combat. Iraq 2002-2003, 2006-2007, and 2009-2010. He served in units such as the 1-23 Tomahawk Stryker Brigade, 1stSpecial Forces, and the Henry Lind Leadership Academy.

His awards and decorations include;1 Bronze Star Medal, 1 Meritorious Service Medal, 5 Army Commendation Medals, 6 Army Achievement Medals, 1 Air Force Achievement Medal, Valorous Unit Award, Meritorious Unit Accommodation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Korea Defense Service Medal, 4 Non-commissioned Officer Development Medal, Combat Action Badge, The Parachutist Badge, Air Assault Badge, Long Range Reconnaissance Identifier Badge,Marksmanship Qualification Badge Expert with Carbine. Josh talks about how proud he is of the time served in the Military and very grateful to have served among the humble heroes who made his time in the service so enjoyable. Then Josh talks about what he learned and experienced during this time and how it will forever be a part of what motivates him to continue to grow and be a better man. The brotherhood within the Army, of those whom you deploy to war with, is hard to explain and unforgettable, he says. Josh has found the deepest fulfillment in the success and happiness of his children. Growing up without a father has motivated him to be the best father within his personal abilities. Although, he don’t currently live with some of his children, he puts forth his greatest efforts to maintain a strong relationship with them and to be the foundation they need in their lives. He talks about how he also learned through time away, that it is never the quantity of time you spend with someone but it is the consistency of how you spend time, and the quality of time, you spend with them that will forever touch their hearts and minds. Nothing makes Josh smile the same as seeing the smiles of all five children. A proud father of them all for their will to succeed, excellent grades in school, and most of all their loving and respectful personalities. To the next step in the journey.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


– Why Josh joined the military

– What life was like on the war grounds

– What was going on in his brain during war

– What bothered Josh upon his return home from war

– How Josh dealed with life post war

– What has affected Josh the most from being at war

– How many people were lost under Josh’s leadership

– What you are not trained for at war

– Why Josh decides to live in the jungles of Costa Rica

– What different types of therapy there are in the military

– Why Josh felt stuck after life at war










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