This man right here defines creating life changing freedom by showing you the blueprint. Kevin Knight has an abundance of knowledge in stepping into the unknown and believing in himself to do things on his own. He is an author, speaker, and certified trainer and coach…basically absolutely AMAZING!

He believed in himself in overcoming the transition from Corporate America to building his own business and engineering his targets in his life. He was able to list out his goals and
complete the journey to stepping away. Kevin was accountable for manifesting positive beliefs, which helped him transform his life.

Kevin shows you that anything is possible and he’s making his mark in this world by helping others move to the path of change.

If you’re interested in grabbing his book, check it out. I can’t wait to read it myself!

Make life changing moments and take a listen to episode #25 below!

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Episode 25: Kevin Knight: Transitioning from Corporate America and Creating Life Changing Freedom

Kevin Knight is an award-winning author and speaker, certified trainer and coach, and champion of change.  An inspired communicator and strategist, he has a record of enhancing performance for individuals and companies.  He excels in both one-on-one settings and group seminars, helping people realize their full potential.

Working in the corporate world for over 2 decades for Fortune 100 companies, holding leadership positions and earning an MBA, Kevin found himself confronted with discrimination and retaliation, later being demoted, left devastated but determined.  He eventually realized that he controlled his own destiny and created a different mindset to live a better, happier and more fulfilled life.

Within the journey, Kevin found himself revisiting a past tragic event as a youth where his eldest sister was murdered, a victim of domestic violence.  In the process of searching for the purpose within this life altering event, he was blessed with a moment of awareness and clarity.  In that he discovered his Vision, which is to eradicate domestic violence globally.  His Mission is to empower society to create healing change within the lives of abused women and children.

With his family as priority, he and his wife are blessed with 5 kids, and within 3 pregnancies, two sets of twins!!  Kevin now shares his story through speaking, teaching and coaching others on how to discover their vision and create a life of freedom for themselves.  Find out more about Kevin at

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

– Who he is

– His transition from corporate America to on his own

– His turning points on the journey

– What happens when you don’t reach your goals

– His grand vision

– Sharing his daily routine of success

– Top 3 things that Kevin is grateful for

– How to turn your life to a fulfilled life

– What his biggest obstacles are in life

– How he overcame the obstacles



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