Liza Glucoft is a Millennial digital strategist, producer, and director who’s been crafting digital content for nearly 10 years. She worked at both ‘Who What Wear’ and POPSUGAR, where she served as the head of fashion and beauty, video. She also worked as Supervising Producer at Conde Nast Entertainment in New York where she developed and oversaw productions across all the Conde titles including Vogue, Glamour, Allure, and Self. Most recently, she was Head of Video at one of the biggest VC-backed e-commerce platforms in Los Angeles, Thrive Market, launching their video marketing channel to an audience of nearly 1 million.

She’s now an Executive Producer at Awesomeness TV.

How did her journey begin, what was the path that got her to the point of being involved in digital media and film, and creation of all kinds of cool stuff?

“It was not a straight line,” she says.

It all started in high school, in college when she used to produce her own plays that she wrote and didn’t quite realize at the time that she was a producer. But now she can trace the seed.

It was in 2008 when she wanted to be a television writer, like a Sitcom writer. She was the finalist for the Disney program which was a program lot of people want to be in for screenwriting. It was at the same time she also realized that the writers themselves didn’t really have that much power.

Then, who had the real power? Who’s in that position of just come in and change the whole show? Why was she not as thrilled as she used to be of being a television writer?

Listen up as Liza talks about her entry into production, her hard work, her greatest investment, how to find your self-worth and much more.


In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • What the journey has been like for Liza. Where she started, how she began, the path that got her to the point today, of being involved in digital media and film, and creation of all kinds of cool stuff
  • What could she speak to somebody who’s experiencing a setback, how’d she encourage one to confidently move forward and accomplish some big dream
  • Is ambition a developer skill or is it an innate thing and somebody lacking ambition can actually find that and follow through on it?
  • Does Liza believe that she’s actively into her calling or is she still on a journey to find it out?
  • How does Liza continue to strive for excellence in such a distraction friendly environment with so many different things going on, different personalities, and so many different attitudes constantly surrounding her
  • How can somebody eliminate the ego and really just be true to your real values
  • What could a woman or man do to build more self-confidence and worthiness in themselves
  • Why is it that some people lose their creativity and give up on it
  • What inspired Lisa to take the decision of building her own thing, her own business
  • What would Liza say is the best investment that she made up to this point
  • What motivates Liza, to inspire her every day to continue to push herself to be the best woman, to be the great producer in her space
  • Why is it important that women should be in their person and use their voice when it’s a male-dominated world around
  • One message of inspiration for the listeners


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Inspirational Quotes and Tweetables from this episode

My goal is to inspire everyone to do their best  

I constantly have a little conversation with myself; where I’m like, did I do that, well is it good enough

You have to have a little conversation, a little little pep talk with yourself to make yourself feel confident

From this disheartening experience, I learned what not to do the next time and how I’m going to be more careful the next time

The most strength or the most power you have is in creating

Don’t wait for someone else to give you the green light, don’t wait for whatever to get in place, before you make the project; you push through the thing

You create in order to find your self-worth

You only lose your creativity if you’re sitting in a bubble, not being inspired for that matter

You just have to push yourself out of a zone of stagnancy  

I had worked really hard for the last ten years and developed the skill set so I felt confident in my work enough to approach people

I like say to myself is like a mantra, it’s ‘Execute with excellence’

I’m the greatest investment, in myself. The commitment to constantly try to be better and focus on happiness

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