Nothing shocks me anymore and this post here falls under that idea.. when I say that one year ago to the date, Christopher Bache, a man with a heart of gold, brought my attention to quite a few ugly realities during an hour work meeting that would make me want to change my life around forever.

The irony of this, again, and there have been many of them during my writing journey, is that this interview I did with him is airing exactly one year to the day…that same November 9th 2015 Monday…a time that I write about in my book, loss VEGAS, in chapter six to be exact.

As I started to drum up some ideas about what to write for this podcast post, I thought to myself..What is today’s date?? Because something in the name of intuition was firing on all cylinders, I wasn’t expecting to tie this all together, but sure enough it was November 9th.

Chris was the 11th interview that I have done on the show in sequence, and how awesome is it that it all came together this way with the timing of it going live..(I know I’m goofy but this kind of manifesting stuff gets me all geeked up!)

His message continues to resonate with me to this day. And now, being able to ask him so many questions about what made him the kind, caring, loving, and astute person that he is, makes my appreciation for him reach new heights (as if I already don’t owe him my life.)

I don’t know how I could ever repay a man for making this kind of a difference in my life. But if there is one thing he has taught me, beyond taking control of myself, is that to be a real man and to find success, happiness, fulfillment, or however you want to describe it, you must do everything you can to be of service to others.. in whatever way, shape, or form best suits you..

Take a listen to his powerful message here.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Both listening to his advice and, applying it!






Episode 11: You Either Do It, Or You Don’t Do It


Christopher Bache, the founder and CEO of LMG and LogoMix, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss some elements that have helped him grow multiple companies from zero to $20 million plus. As an entrepreneur, he started multiple businesses but found great success in these two. Limitless Management Group currently leads the hosting, promotions and management teams for some of Las Vegas most notable nightlife venues and companies. is an internet based company whose technology allows businesses to create their brand in minutes. LogoMix serves more than 1.5M businesses per month in 150 countries and 12 languages.

For anyone interested in learning the importance of “doing.” Chris, a man with a heart of gold talks about there being countless resources to educate yourself, or to make yourself a little bit better each day. Will you be one of the lucky ones who takes his advice and implements it? I sure did after one afternoon meeting and it changed my life, forever. This man was living from paycheck to paycheck until his mid-thirties and now has the financial independence many are striving for. Not to mention a heart of gold that is constantly giving back to those in his community and in his immediate circle.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


Why Chris didn’t want to live to work

-What city has his heart

-When he earned financial independence

-What he tried early

-What his first business was

-How old he was when he started his first businesses

-What success is to him

-What he wanted to find in businesses

-What organizations Chris works with

-Where he finds his satisfaction

-What he is a big believer in

-How he feels about spending your time

What he learned about abuse

-What is his least favorite thing to do

How important sales is to him

-What he says you need to start a business


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