Maria Hunt, in her early twenties always had that entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to do something to help people. That’s just been her nature as she’s loved working for people.

She had been a horrible student in her student days barely graduating, but once she started working with these huge technology companies that’s where it sparked her interests in learning. She learnt everything there is to learn about business and entrepreneurship from her once upon a time, co-workers and bosses.

“When you’re working in a company, you have the social aspect, you’re working with people but when you’re a non-working mother, it’s more isolating and lonely when you’re just home with your kids.”

Maria worked for MySpace and other Tech startups that inspired in her, the social aspects. MySpace connected people, which is especially what mothers, ultimately need.

It was when Maria found these other mom groups, only to find there was mom shaming, being mean, or judgmental at one another.

She thought, she’s getting older, and there is no time to do all of that, so she wanted to create this community of women who inspire, who look out for each other, who support, who loved to laugh, who love to have a good time and do not judge each other because, all women are going through all of it together.

It is then she created this community Unicornmoms, now almost 70,000 members where moms can have real discussions, a fun time AND even a dirty mind without any judgments or cattiness.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Where did it all start, what was the early on vision and what was the process that took Maria from where she was to, where she is today
  • How Maria was able to sustain and contain the equally challenging entrepreneurial vision she had when she started
  • The differences of working as a high-level executive at a technology company, and being a mom
  • The inspiration to create Unicornmoms
  • What role do the parents play on the upbringing of kids
  • What role does the father figure play in raising effective children
  • Is the stay-at-home parenting the most effective way to raise a loving child?
  • What would it need of women to own their own power and to step into it and realize they are limitless, with no boundaries
  • What did her kids teach Maria about herself and what did she learn through being a parent
  • Is there a question for a Mom or Dad to ask themselves daily to remind themselves of the way to be the best parent for their kids
  • How can a Man /Husband be a best parent in their family
  • How can moms who’ve lost their identities, re-establish their identities and find themselves again so they can find more meaning and fulfillment and live a more empowering lifestyle
  • The App that Maria Hunt created for Unicornmoms and how can that be applicable to Moms and Dads
  • One message of inspiration for the listeners today


Instagram: unicornmoms
Twitter: TheUnicornMoms
Facebook: UnicornMoms

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