Holy Cow…Look at that Goatee! Heck of a job growing that my friend!


I am so thankful that Greg Jarmolowich stopped by this week to do an episode of A Desire to Inspire and talk about one of the most enjoyable eats in the city of Las Vegas, Greens and Proteins Healthy Kitchen!


I didn’t just want to do this interview because I am a HUGE fan of the restaurant, but also for Greg Jarmolowich to share some of his insight on what he did to build 4 seven-figure restaurants in one city and with more room to grow.


Restaurants are a tough business as we all know. However, with the right knowledge, plan, and execution strategy you can have success.


I admire what Greg Jarmolowich is doing for the community and I know that it will only be a matter of time before these stores are all over the country serving millions of people everyday!


Keep up the great work buddy!


If you want to check out what his message was, I’ve added the conversation below for you to take a listen!




EPISODE 3: You’re Not Above Any Job


Greg Jarmolowich, Co-owner of Greens and Proteins with five locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss his approach in building multiple seven-figure restaurants and how it’s important to eat a piece of humble pie when you are challenged by a customer. Breaking his business process down to a science has helped him and his partner drive steady growth.

For anyone interested in starting a restaurant, and surviving in what most will call the “toughest industry,” listen closely to Greg Jarmolowich talk about what he does to ensure that the registers are ringing and the customers are coming back.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-Greg Jarmolowich’s Journey in the food and beverage industry

-What Greg Jarmolowich’s passion is

-How Greens and Proteins came to fruition

-How his eclectic menu came together

-How Greg Jarmolowich’s exposure to the industry helped him

-Greg Jarmolowich’s biggest challenge opening multiple stores

-What motivates Greg Jarmolowich 

-How he controls his ego

-What makes his restaurants successful




Listen to Greg Jarmolowich answer the three secret questions here!






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