What an exciting day for me this was! I got to talk about an industry I love and music that is still a part of me.. I did my very first podcast interview with the owners of Ravealation!


They were kind enough to bring me into their office the day of a show they were doing to open up to me about their journey and how they have made it over three years in the concert promotions business.


And what is even better is that these three are all best buds! They have made their business work without losing the lifelong friendship they have had together.


It was such a fun experience chatting with these guys one mile off of the Las Vegas Strip where while I was interviewing them I could see the hotels these guys were throwing their parties at! What a great town Las Vegas is and these guys help make it that way!


Take a listen here!


Please enjoy…



EPISODE 1: Music Is My Life


Chris Kelley, Marcel Correa, and Daniel Jones, Co-Owners of concert promotions company, Ravealation, join the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss their path in cornering a unexposed market in the music industry, and three years later have sold out fifty-five shows and counting. On top of that these three have stayed friends through all of the up and downs.


For anyone interested in understanding the approach behind a budding company in a very competitive space. These guys compete against the casinos for talent, and while the casinos have a bigger budget, these guys have a desire to keep throwing great parties, and, that they have done.



In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-Why Ravealation was started

-What the original name was before they decided on Ravealation

-What other brands they have created under the Ravealation umbrella

-How the three stay focused with their work

-What the biggest challenge is for their business is

-The art of booking a DJ

-What they have learned about this industry in growing this businesses

-What drew them into this industry

-How they feel about the “celebrities” they hang out with

-What made them fall in love with the industry

-Which venues in Las Vegas they have sold out

-The feeling about working with Insomniac, SFX, Crowdsurf

-What they have learned from working with Insomniac, SFX, and Crowdsurf



Watch them answer the three secret questions here.





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