This week hospitality expert Kelley Jones joins me on the show. Once upon a time we worked together and I had the great fortune to learn many things from this man.


He has always been a man of getting s**t done while being concerned for others and helping them become the best they can at any specific job.


He is a great storyteller and has spent countless hours becoming an expert in the industry of hospitality opening up hundreds of venues across the world. Hotels, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.


Kelley is not only a great human being, but also a man of execution and I am so grateful that I was able to interview him for this episode.


Please enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below!



EPISODE 4: The No Asshole Rule


Kelley Jones, Principal of Kelley Jones Hospitality, Founding Partner of Trust3 Hospitality, and Hospitality Alliance, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss his global leadership style in hotels, clubs, and restaurants. Listen to him talk about the hospitality industry as a whole and his belief that, if you deal with people, you are in hospitality, regardless of what specific segment you really work in.

For anyone interested in learning how to become courted by the big companies, this man’s story and commitment to work on his emotional and spiritual side certainly helped him get there and can help you do the same.



In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-Where it all started for Kelley

-Why Kelley loved school

-What his first business projects were

-Where Kelley developed his work ethic

-Who Kelley’s mentors were

-How important attitude is to Kelley’s leadership approach

-Kelley’s definition of hospitality

-How many properties he has opened

-What Kelley thinks about personal growth

-Who Kelley does training with/for today

-What his advice is on prioritizing

-How Kelley stays focused




Watch Kelley answer the three secret questions here!








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