There is another great guest on the, A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick podcast, today!

Omar Periu has shared the big stage with Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and was mentored by THE ONLY, personal development legends in this lifetime: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and Brian Tracy, all showed this man his way, and now, he’s a worldwide benefit to driven individuals, everywhere. Omar is a best selling author, a brilliant leader in business, international speaker, and just an all around good guy!

Omar is also traveling the US doing over 50 of the Get Motivated Seminars a year!

What a good life!

When I first watched him speak on stage, I knew I had to meet the guy. And long story short, after months of communicating and nurturing the relationship, he was willing to lend his time to share a fabulous message with the audience today.

He’s never done working and, enjoys the fruits of his labors, labors that have amassed him a net worth of 100 million dollars, as he mentions in this interview.

I had such a pleasure talking with Omar, because he laid it on the line, if you want to be successful, here is what you need to do…

Are you willing to be a self-starter? Set Goals? And light the fire inside of you?

It’s your time!

Take a listen to Episode #18 with Omar Periu, below.


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Episode 18: Omar Periu: Becoming Wealthy is No Accident

Omar Periu, founder of Omar Periu International, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show, to discuss his journey through the years, watching and learning from some of the greatest wealth coaches in the world. Omar discovered something most never will, that becoming wealthy rarely happens by accident. Most people get wealthy by gaining knowledge, then using that knowledge in an applied and focused manner. Getting wealthy, Omar discovered, isn’t necessarily difficult but, does require strong, steady action and the right attitude, not the here and there, now and then, get-rich-quick schemes that seem to dominate, especially these days. Omar became wealthy because he chose to discover how. He then put his knowledge into applied action. He intently watched others succeed. And in the ultimate test of what he figured out – he used what he knew to succeed himself. Now, Omar devotes himself to teaching others how to become wealthy. He works with the whole person, mentoring others as much about life and attitude as financial tactics, so that someone can take their unique knowledge, passion and focus and, apply it in strong, steady action. So that they too, can become wealthy and truly prosper. So that they’ll have the money they want, and the life they want.


Omar Periu has done it:

  • He was a self-made multi-millionaire before the age of 31, owning some of the most profitable health clubs, sports medicine facilities and other businesses
  • He subsequently built Omar Periu International, one of the leading wealth training companies in the world
  • He has trained more than two million people, and has worked with more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies
  • He has shared the stage with Zig Ziglar, General Colin Powell, President Ford, Larry Bird, Harvey Mackay, Jim Rohn, Terry Bradshaw, Paul Harvey and Lou Holtz, among others. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been inducted into the prestigious International Platform Association.
  • His peers and colleagues refer to him as “The Master Motivational Teacher”


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-Where Omar got his start

-What job helped inspire him

-Who he was hanging out with at an early age

-Who Omar’s early mentors were

-How Omar’s training’s are designed

-What the biggest lesson was that he learned

-Omar’s thoughts on obstacles

-What he thinks about self-starting

-How to get a burning desire

-What was holding him back early on

-His thoughts on finding a mentor






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