What’s shaking all of my dear friends and family?!

With all of this traveling and the new journey with Powerteam International, I have been changing up the content on the show, to continue to bring useful information for your benefit in personal and professional growth.

On this episode, I wanted to share what I had read during my re read of Think and Grow Rich, because I realized after reading the self analysis section..that I was due for one!

We must always be checking in with ourselves to measure progress and check inventory. How far have we come? What kind of growth have we experienced over some period of time? Where can you improve in some areas? Have we identified our strengths, talents, and gifts?

All of this matters, as a periodic check in, it grounds us as we may lose focus and or sight of what the big vision is.

Keep in mind, success is a process, not an event, and I hear this everyday from my mentor, Bill Walsh..


Enjoy this episode as I pass along information for the greatest personal development book of all time..








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