I am always inspired by those who know they are not perfect and do more with less. OR DARE TO BE DIFFERENT..

Mostly because I used to complain about “things” I didn’t have and certainly did not appreciate what god gave me in my body and my health.

I recently met a man who blew me away, both with his attitude and day to day routine, to live life all out!

Todd Swank AKA Short Arm guy was born with Holt Oram Syndrome leaving him having to fight an uphill battle with the less than ideal limbs, but that didn’t stop him from smiling, inspiring, and having a positive impact on all of those around him!

Nothing was going to set this man back!

He was an athlete, always an optimist, a comedian and is a hero to many.

This is just one part of his incredible story.

I absolutely loved talking to Todd about the journey he has been on, the always positive attitude, and how he lives a life of fulfillment.

Get ready for some powerful moments as you listen to Todd Swank tell his story in Episode #10 on the show! Enjoy as much as I did having this wonderful human being share his message!






Episode 10: I’m Not Perfect


Todd Swank aka Short Arm Guy, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss his life living with a disorder called Holt Oram Syndrome. He was born with skeletal abnormalities of the hands and arms, and the heart. He says “you have to deal with the hand that god dealt you” and now finds happiness by using his condition to inspire people, using his gift to tell others that there is nothing wrong with being different. He’s not perfect, but a proud man, loving husband, and hero of a dad, this guy is as awesome as they come.

For anyone interested in learning how to spread happiness to other people by living in the moment. Want to keep fighting the good fight? Here is your example in life. Life is too awesome to let it pass you by regardless of what you might be going through. Todd talks about how he and his family choose to make a positive change in the world despite living with a ton of adversity. He’s always believed he was just a normal guy, and after you watch this episode you can see that he has been right all along, his personality shines every second!


In This Episode You Will Learn About:


-Why he embraced his disorder

-What Todd’s philosophy in life is

-What he was unaware of when he had his kids

-What his kids were born with

-How many surgeries his kids have gone through

-Why he lives life the way he does

-Why he had to have another arm surgery

-How he handled his childhood

-What bothered Todd growing up

-What sport he played in high school

-What he did in college

-What he loves to do











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