Author, Speaker, and Emotional Intelligence Coach Manny Patrick rolls out his latest website design
Author, Speaker, and Coach Manny Patrick's upcoming book: loss Vegas

Author, Speaker, and Coach Manny Patrick’s upcoming book: loss Vegas

LAS VEGASJuly 26, 2016PRLog — Manny Patrick Vargas is pleased to announce the launch of his newest website to promote his upcoming book release and coaching programs. Manny, an author, speaker, coach, host, and former restaurant owner has launched the latest, fully functional, version of his website to provide quick and convenient access to his readers. The new website and features offer a more comprehensive understanding of Manny’s objectives.

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The new website has a simple design with enhanced rich content focused on Manny’s lofty goals. After living a life of vices Manny embraced a transformation that has changed his life and now it is Mr. Vargas’ mission to make a contribution that will close the gap in suffering as we know it. His recent book, “loss VEGAS: The Art of Finding Joy in Sin City” documents his journey, which includes the struggle he went through and how he emerged a new man as a result of it.

Said Manny Patrick, “We all have a great amount of potential, but many of us are not aware of how to tap into it. I have found the solution during my journey of self-discovery and am eager to share it with the world. I love to see people thrive and operate at their best all the time. Everyone deserves to live an empowered lifestyle.”

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.About Manny Patrick

Now sober and loving life, Manny Patrick Vargas is fast becoming the person he always could have been. We are all a work in progress, but losing almost everything and bouncing back has given Manny the determination to enact big plans. He authored his first book, a chance for him to inspire others by telling his story of overcoming adversity and reinventing himself after leaving his vices behind. He’s already working on his second book project and is planning on having the third book to be complete in less than six months. As a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEIQ) Coach and Speaker, Manny has set out to help as many people reach their dreams as possible. He firmly believes everyone has a choice when it comes to creating the life they want.For more information, please visit



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