A message to Manny,

Today you have made your declaration of independence from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and living like a worthless young man for the last decade. Yes, you have had some success in there, great. Use that to remind yourself you are capable. When you get out of bed today you are going to ask yourself.. What is next? Because all you have known for the last ten years is a lifestyle full of immoral self-indulgence. You’re going to be entering a whole new dimension as the story continues to unfold, although you won’t realize this until the days start to pass- if you stay true to your commitment. Every time something or someone tries to put up a roadblock, you will need to learn how to go around it, through it, or over it. Going backward is not an option. You know exactly what exists back that way.

You’re reminded constantly by your inner voice that you have always tried your best to fit in because you have always felt insignificant. All of your time here on earth has been about trying to be cool and trying to show people that you’re a kindhearted guy wanting to make his dreams come true like anyone else with a reason for living. However; Don’t be surprised when you don’t get the attention and immediate results you desperately want.

You’ve really learned how to start and not finish. It’s what you do, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

From this major decision, new conditions will begin to emerge. You’ll walk into a work meeting and listen to the owner of the company you work for give you some outstanding advice. Put your guard down, along with the arrogant attitude you’ve developed- thinking you have all of the answers already and, take some action. You’ll notice that you will start to carve out a new process to your life just from listening and doing. You will be scared, that’s ok. Just think of all the times you were scared throughout life and how you have overcome many of those darkest days. Now you are a manlier adult, with a lot to learn yet, but, I assure you, as with anything, you will move through the fear and continue to walk with your head up high. You are in control now.

You will learn that you have been wasting your time. Precious time that once you realize is very limited, you will want back. You don’t need to let this worry you. What you should do is figure out a way to make the time you have left here on this earth more valuable. Find a way to make a difference in people’s lives and love more. No need to panic, you have to embark on a journey of self-discovery in order to realize what this means.

You have had no direction up to this point, but now you have a no drinking mind. Goals will be your new best friend. And while they are not the once upon a time friends you got used to taking shots with, popping a pill with, or snorting many lines of cocaine with, these new best friends, the goals, will help you create your future in advance. Take a little time to understand what they stand for in this new relationship you have with them.

You will realize that your unconscious thinking patterns are terrible, always coming from a place of negative self-talk. It’s time to change that around. You will not get to any destination or reach any goal, without solving this solvable problem.

You’ve been in and around nightlife for quite sometime. Because you are not a complete idiot you will start some serious discussion about how to build an online booking site that is your next big business venture. You will have many meetings, study lots of competing companies, and even pursue starting an online strip club operation to coexist with the other project. The people you will be working with and, potentially partnering with, have lots of money and lots of experience, but because that is not your life’s purpose, you will quickly fade out of that after continuing along on the journey.

What are you supposed to do? How will you find your Purpose? You don’t know yet so go figure it out.

In December you will be gifted a book from your best friend. He will take you to the book store, buy it for you, and then take your straight to the airport. By the time you are ready to take off you will have already read 20 pages or so. It’s called The Untethered Soul. Trust the wisdom used in this spiritual piece to be a guiding light for you as this will open up your mind to a new way of living.

You’ve never read anything in the past that you have cared about. This book will change that.

There will be days when you will want to give up and stop reading because it’s still part of who you are. I’m going to be one hundred and ten percent honest with you. I wish I could lie to you and tell you that it will get easier, and that you’re going to breeze through it, and that this process is a road without any bumps. Bullshit. It’s lonely, but notice the improvement of the feelings you are having now, because of the decision you made to make yourself better.

You finish the book and want to share it with friends. Now you are interested in learning more about this way to make yourself happier. You have even wrote “Happiness Recipe” on the front cover of this book.

Who are you really? You still aren’t sure.

The new knowledge of inner peace and freedom prove to be very enlightening to you. So what will you do? I would suggest chasing more tools, techniques, and strategies to figure out what living the good life really means.

This will be both the toughest and the best thing that will ever happen to you.

What I need you to do is this.

Learn to live, Learn to love, and learn to learn. Keep an open mind and from this point forward you will develop a great foundation to work from.

It’s a big universe out there. It will try to knock you down over and over again, but, if you trust the process-what you will discover, will blow your own mind. Think about what it was like losing your mother at a young age, think about what it was like blacking out drunk in college missing your baseball games, think about ruining your relationships with women, and think about all of that pain and suffering with being a life-long loser.

Yeah sure you’ve lost in the past. That doesn’t make you a loser, though. Life is like a game of tug of war, and this time it is your turn to tally a W next to your name.

All you’ll want to do is be lazy because it’s easier to do nothing than to constantly pursue a dream that you have no idea will even come to fruition. You’ve know in the back of your mind that you have failed many many times, but for some reason god made you bold and optimistic.

Your friends and peers tell you some stuff you needed to hear after asking them.

You realize you see yourself differently than they do.

You will keep pushing forward, even at the expense of your own continued humiliation and vulnerability.

You’ll learn a lot from doing activities that challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone.

After you discover the use value of personal development, social and emotional intelligence, and coaching, you will be tested in every way.

As you attend workshops and seminars, slowly you are identifying that you have a story. You may not know how to tell it just yet, or have the confidence to pursue this idea, you just know that you want to help people. You have been inspired by those who you have watched on stage and listened to on your headset for months now. Tony Robbins, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, and Brendon Burchard to name a few.

In between building out a new self image as a result of these new desires you will hear a lot of chatter..

You can’t stay sober forever..

Do you know the #1 fear is public speaking..

Oh man I have tried writing a book…it’s taken me years and I still haven’t finished..




I wish..

These words no longer belong to your vocabulary.

You need to stay focused on the end goal.

Instead, take note of who it was that was saying those words. Words that belong to someone who gave up on their dream. Remember, do not let someone who gave up on their dream talk you out of yours..

Along the way you will run into some amazing people, unexpectedly. They will receive you very well. Your coach will help you learn about who you really are by doing deep deep identity work that is going to make you cry..

She will tell you that you suck

Your vocabulary is horrible

You are arrogant

You talk in circles

Nobody is going to want to listen to you on stage and

That just because you have life going for you this way, doesn’t mean that someone else is ready to take your advice and apply it to their life.


Who cares..Use the information to make yourself better! Constant progress..

But through this you will discover the essence of you, or, your voice as some people like to call it. You open up with your father, mother, family and friends, forgive and surrender. You accept that life is the way that it is because this is the journey that I am on. Don’t punch the coach in her face because she is not telling you what you want to hear, but, instead showing you what you don’t know about yourself.

Things that once you figure out, are going to allow you to take on the world.

You will enroll back into school and earn a certificate. Then you will move on to earn your certification as a social and emotional intelligence coach. Both of these expensive courses will be money well spent. You were used to spending money on soul sucking activities and now you are investing in soul enhancing activities. One instance will be in the classroom, a place you haven’t enjoyed since the dawn of day. The other will be sitting behind the computer listening to several people talk in a webinar format.

Make sure you participate and allow yourself an opportunity to be heard. Your voice matters.

By now you’ve read 15 books and have decided that it is time to start entertaining the idea to take your person to the next level.

Thinking about writing a book is challenging. Eighty percent of the people want to do it but, only one percent actually do it.

Those are not good numbers to work with. But you’re not a mathematician. You are a human and you deserve to share your story-if that’s what you want then you deserve to have it. So long as you do the work.

After struggling to find out a title, subtitle, chapters, outlines, you finally start and, oh man, along the way you have never felt so good. This is a legacy you are creating and the joy that you are experiencing is through the roof.

You think in your head that I will be happy if this message helps just one person change their life around, remembering that you must start somewhere. Forty three days later the first draft is done. Now you must rewrite the manuscript several times before it even hits an editor’s hands. Crap, can you hang in there and not give up?

We’ll see.

You have also decided to start a podcast to build your platform. Where will you start? Who will you interview? What will you say? Again, why would anyone listen to you?

You are nervous because..

You have never done this before.

You don’t want to say the wrong things.

You don’t want to stutter your words.

You try to be perfect but realize that’s impossible.

Your concern over finding enough people to want to do the show..

Terrified you are, but just get in the game, fail forward, you will learn and grow with the more reps you get.

You are terrified and shaking in your first interview. Second interview. Third interview. And then you start to get a little more comfortable. As you progress, your guests and listeners are telling you that you are good, a natural, that you make them comfortable.

Good job kid.

You have a long way to go.

You will realize that even though you thought you were a powerful joyful person- you are still human. Your book has finally been published and now can be sold anywhere. Yet, you are having a hard time enjoying the launch. You’re now battling a poor choice you made. You are giving yourself a lot of heat, but then realize you are human. This is a nice reminder.

It is OK for a human to make a poor decision.

Clearly this is the evolution of spirit. You need to keep learning and use that information to make smarter decisions.

You are going to start writing a book on a second life changing experience because it’s the right thing to do. It’s burning in your heart. You want to deliver as much value as you can and decide to bring in the expert. You will do well on this endeavor.

Right now you have done more in one year than you could have ever imagined, and still it’s hard for you to believe. Take a breather and remember that you are not where you were one year ago and one year from now you will have made even bigger strides. None of this would be possible if you had not made the decision to quit drinking 365 days ago. You have come out of the fog of the alcohol, drugs, gambling, and..

now love the road less traveled.

You are an author, a speaker, a podcast host, and a coach to many. Your work is already being heard and seen around the world.

Be proud of yourself Manny.

And don’t forget there are many people out there who still need you. Keep following your dreams. People may never know who you are, but, if you do this right, then they may know your work.



I love you.



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