Manny Patrick is available to speak at corporate, private, and public events. By the time he was 26, Manny was an entrepreneur with 3 businesses under his belt. He was able to raise several rounds of capital to acquire two establishments and he opened a third from the seed stage. Success was short lived, however, due to his party lifestyle. In November of 2015, Manny, embraced a transformation that would change his life, forever. He traded his vices for a desire to become a better human being, a man that could tap into his true, limitless potential.


Manny decided to embark on a path of self-discovery to understand how he could best impact those around him. Asking questions was integral on his path to bringing more awareness of self and of others into his life. Manny earned his certifications in Conference Management and Event Planning. He is also a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coach. A self-actualized man, Manny now travels around the country speaking to small and large groups on behalf of Powerteam International, a global success education company, and is called on to inspire others to live an authentic life and, break through current self-imposed, personal and business limitations.

Speaking Topics:

  • Living From the Inside Out, Not the Outside In
  • Social Networking
  • Transformational Business Coaching
  • Finding Joy in the Struggle of Life
  • How to Stop Drinking and Start Living

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