Anil Gupta: Forgiveness, Love, Relationships and Why They Matter

Do you need clarity and focus in life? Are you loaded with baggage that are holding you back? Do you have issues in relationships in both your personal and professional life? Have you ever tried virtues like Forgiveness and Love? Forgiveness Expert Anil Gupta says 'Forgiveness is the Express Pathway to Freedom' Anil is on the [...]

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John David Mann: The Recipe and Ingredients of Greatness

The Go-Giver book, 10 years after its publication, has just won the 2017 Living Now Evergreen Medal. It's a medal given out to books that have stood the test of time for their contribution to positive global change. Its author John David Mann, New York Times bestselling author has now teamed with a very famous [...]

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Joshua Brooks : On Connecting Your Heart and Mind After Life at War in the Middle East

Oh man! This is an inspirational war story if I've ever been introduced to one... Joshua served our beloved country in Iraq multiple times,  boots on the ground combat, bullets coming at him, bombs going off on the sides of him, missiles flying in his direction... I have a hard time describing the unimaginable, and [...]

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Jesse Waits: Nightlife Mogul Says Happiness is Everything

Today, I am so pumped about my guest! If you are from the Las Vegas area, or have visited the city for any reason, then there is a great chance you have stepped foot in THE greatest nightclubs of all time. Maybe your intention was not to have a great night out on the town [...]

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Gratitude, My New Attitude

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I pulled the gratitude chapter right out of my own book (literally) to open up about the significance of being grateful and, how it can make the biggest difference if living a fulfilled life, not just during the holidays..but 365 days a year!               [...]

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In Any Election, Choose Love Not Fear

For the last week I have been paying a lot of attention to human thought, turned human behavior, as a result of the election. While it's an obvious outcome of who won, I found it more fascinating to take a back seat during the roller coaster ride and simply observe the whirlwind of emotions following [...]

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Short Arm Guy Lives Happily Because He Knows He’s Not Perfect

I am always inspired by those who know they are not perfect and do more with less. OR DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.. Mostly because I used to complain about "things" I didn't have and certainly did not appreciate what god gave me in my body and my health. I recently met a man who blew [...]

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