The Lost Art of Closing and Psychology of Selling : Anthony Iannarino

Most people have a fear of selling! Are you one of them? According to Anthony Iannarino, Selling is a philosophy more than anything. You need a combination of mindset and skill sets. It starts with self discipline, optimism, and caring about other people and having a sense of competitiveness. It’s all a process. Anthony grew [...]

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Self Analysis From Think and Grow Rich

What's shaking all of my dear friends and family?! With all of this traveling and the new journey with Powerteam International, I have been changing up the content on the show, to continue to bring useful information for your benefit in personal and professional growth. On this episode, I wanted to share what I had [...]

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Celebrity Wedding and Event Planner Creates Lasting Memories

I have an exciting episode for you on A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick today. Celebrity wedding and event planner, Brit Bertino! I was fortunate to get in touch by a mutual friend through the school I recently attended and got a certificate in, Tisoh. She has a kind heart and is a ball of [...]

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